Ballet and Lyrical

Ballet: Focusing on correct technique and ballet terminology. Dancers will learn on strengthening their muscles at the barre, center floor and across the floor.

Lyrical: A fusion or ballet and jazz technique focusing on storytelling through movement. 


Ballet: PINK leather or canvas ballet shoes, any color leotard, tights, optional ballet skirt or tight fitting dance shorts

Lyrical: TAN slip on jazz shoes, tank top, leggings, dance shorts or tight fitting dance attire 



BALLET III/IV (ages 9-13) 60 minutes

BALLET + TAP V (ages 13+) 60 minutes (will also need TAN slip on tap shoes)

LYRICAL III (ages 9-11) 60 minutes

LYRICAL IV (ages 10-12) 60 minutes 

LYRICAL V (ages 13+) 60 minutes