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We believe dance promotes patience, endurance, respect, artistic expression, and builds self-confidence. In Motion Dance offers individual dancer attention, respect towards each student, and guidance through the proper techniques. We are dedicated to being a part of Long Grove and its surrounding communities by encouraging expression through movement.

In Motion Dance offers students ages 2 ½ – adult opportunities to learn a variety of dance styles, including: ballet, broadway jazz, hip-hop, jazz, lyrical, poms, and tap.

In addition to our full schedule of classes, IMD offers dancers the opportunity to join one of our performance dance companies, Starlites, Sensational, Thrive, Artistic, and Refined. All of our dance companies perform throughout the year at many notable venues, such as: Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, Magnificent Mile Lights Parade, Brookfield Zoo, Gurnee Mills Mall, Hawthorn Mall, Schaumburg Boomers, Chicago Dogs, Northwestern Basketball and Football games, Chicago Bulls, Windy City Bulls, Chicago Sky, Chicago Wolves, and Six Flags Great America.

Our Eclipse Competition Team formed in 2017 and is comprised of dancers ages 12-18. We compete in five regional competitions every season. 

We wish to thank our students and families for their continuous support and dedication to the studio and for sharing your love of dance with us.



Fall /Winter Session II 2020


Schedule, Tuition & Rules

Fall/Winter Session II 2020: October 26th-December 19th 

Fall/Winter Session II classes begin Monday, October 26th  

Classes are offered in person and Zoom

Pre Ballet and Tap

  • PRE 1 (ages 3-4)

Saturday 8:45-9:30

  • PRE 2 (ages 4-5) 

Thursday 11:00-11:45

Thursday 1:20-2:05

Saturday 9:35-10:20

  • PRE 3 (ages 5-6)

Tuesday 3:45-4:30

Saturday 10:25-11:10

Combination of ballet and tap technique which progresses with each level.

Combo + Mini

  • MINI HIP HOP + JAZZ TUESDAY (ages 5-8) 4:35-5:20

  • MINI TAP + JAZZ (ages 5-8) Wednesday 3:45-4:30

  • MINI POMS (ages 5-8) Saturday 11:15-12:00

  • COMBO: Tap, Ballet and Jazz (ages 7-9) Monday 4:35-5:20

Combination classes focusing on correct technique and placement 


  • TAP + JAZZ  (ages 9-11) Monday 7:55-8:40

  • BROADWAY JAZZ II (ages 7-9) Friday 6:00-6:45

  • BROADWAY JAZZ V (ages 13+) Thursday 5:25-6:10 and Thursday 8:45-9:30



  • TAP + JAZZ (ages 9-11) Monday 7:55-8:40

  • TAP V (ages 13+) Wednesday 5:40-6:10


Combination of jazz and tap technique/tap only technique 


  • POMS (ages 7-9) Monday 3:45-4:30

  • MINI POMS (ages 5-8) Saturday 11:15-12:00

Introduction to basic pom skills and jazz technique through the more experienced pom dancer.

Ballet and Lyrical

  • BALLET III (ages 9-11) Monday 7:05-7:50

  • BALLET IV (ages 11-13) Thursday 4:35-5:20

  • BALLET V (ages 13+) Wednesday 6:15-7:00

  • LYRICAL III (ages 9-11) Monday 5:25-6:10

  • LYRICAL V (ages 13+) Tuesday 7:05-7:50 and Tuesday 8:45-9:30

Focusing on correct technique and ballet terminology.

Lyrical is an expressive dance form which is a fusion of modern, ballet, and jazz dance styles.

Hip Hop

  • MINI HIP HOP + JAZZ (ages 5-8) Tuesday 4:35-5:20

  • HIP HOP IV (ages 11-13) Thursday 3:45-4:30


Popular dance style combining jazz, funk, pop and lock movements in a relaxed form.

Jumps, Leaps & Turns and Conditioning

  • Level III/IV (ages 9-13) Thursday 7:05-7:50

  • Level V (ages 13+) Tuesday 7:55-8:40 and Wednesday 7:55-8:40

Dancers will learn a variety of turns, jumps, and leaps.


  • Tuesday 5:25-5:55 

CORE BLAST (ages 7+)

  • Friday 5:25-5:55 

Dancers will learn conditioning and flexibility drills. 

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All of our dance companies perform at many notable venues throughout the year, such as: United Center – Chicago Bulls, Chicago Wolves, Chicago Sky, Chicago Dogs, Schaumburg Boomers, Brookfield Zoo, Hawthorn Mall, Long Grove Fests, and local nursing homes. We also travel to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios every three years to perform. We have been invited and performed in the opening and closing numbers of the Magnificinet Mile Lights Fesitval the last three years. 

Audition Info

Please email Miss Jessica,, if you are interested I'm joining one of our dance companies

Dance Companies

STAR Dance Company: Sensational, Thrive, Artistic, Refined

Starlites Mini Dance Company

IMD’s Dance Company is for the dancer wanting to be a part of a unique group that desires to advance their dance technique, perform, and give back to their community. Our company dancers are dedicated, passionate, and love working together.

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Celebrate with us at IMD! Birthday Parties are available Saturdays after 3:30p, Sunday anytime and limited daytime during the week. Dance Styles Include: Poms, Jazz/Hip Hop, and Ballet.



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